Welcome to Hillcrest School & College Abbottabad.

Our Mission/Vision


Engaging and empowering students towards excellence through a wellstructured growth regime.


  • Creating an environment conducive to multi-faceted learning through a comprehensive academic programme.
  • Offering a broad and balanced curriculum that evolves to reflect the needs of the students and demands of a progressive society within our socio-cultural framework and the national aspirations.
  • The intellectual development of the students by helping them to learn, stimulate their curiosity and set the base for conceptual learning and creativity.
  • The social and emotional development of the students by inculcating in them the qualities of self-discipline, organization, leadership, adapting to change, responsiveness to challenges, tolerance, sense of responsibility, and respect for religious and social values.
  • To provide mutually supportive conditions for the students' development both at the institution and at home.
  • Augment academic achievements through co-curricular and extra-curricular pursuits for a balanced personality development.