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Introduction Education is a societal function and aims at improvement of the society through developing its individuals. It is, therefore, the most significant and exacting responsibility of any civilized society. Realization of this core objective and a focused approach to achieve it, forms the bedrock to the edifice of social development and national progress. While the role of every segment of the society in this endeavor is vital, an educational institution acts as the linchpin. Besides providing education, it serves as a forum for the parents, the students, the society and the institution itself to collaborate their efforts for the ultimate common objective; the students’ education. Hillcrest remains committed to serving the society and the nation through provision of quality education to its students. True to its Motto “Soaring to Excellence”, Hillcrest promotes excellence and believes in TOTAL DEVELOPMENT of its students. We create every opportunity where the students are engaged in healthy activities for nurturing all the facets of their personality through a scientifically developed day-long academic programme .