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Chairman's Message

Chairman Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another; what a society reflects of itself is what it inherits in education. It is education that steers a nation to the path of progress and is therefore, a national responsibility that warrants sincere contribution from each segment of the society. The future course of an individual or a society is decided by the direction in which education starts. It is thus, imperative to set the direction right for education and in education.

Hillcrest prides itself for providing quality education to its students and ensuring their balanced personality development. Learning occurs the best when it is intrinsically motivated. We motivate our students to be creative, curious and committed learners, achieve their full potential and remain focused on their objectives in life. A secure, positive and an intellectually enthused learning environment at Hillcrest, enables them to confidently step into practical life as useful and responsible citizens. This however, requires an active contribution from the parents as well. We urge them to augment our efforts by establishing an effective home-school connection. Parents’ interest in their children’s progress will motivate them to give their best. Personalizing the teaching-learning process to address the individual needs of the students remains our focus. We are confident that our collaborative efforts will yield the desired results.

Hillcrest attaches high hopes to its students both in curricular and co-curricular pursuits. The progress of our students in all the spheres, manifests their cognizance of the responsibility towards their goals. “Soaring to excellence” is the objective they must not lose sight of and develop a passion for learning. If they do so, they will never cease to grow. The administration and the faculty are all set to afford them every opportunity that leads towards academic excellence and a bright future.

Brig.(R) Muhammad Amjad,


Hillcrest School & College